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From humble beginnings in Mum’s kitchen, A Little Light (like many home based businesses) gradually grew.

By 2008 it was time to give her Mum and Dad back their house, and find a bigger space for what was rapidly growing into a nation-wide business.

This wonderful space provided not just a big workshop for our rapidly growing business & beautiful shop frontl.

Rather than emulate the techniques of master chandlers, who aspire to produce flawless candles, Joanne embraces textural imperfection.

She developed a cold-pour technique designed to trap air bubbles in the wax, so producing a wonderfully craggy surface that begs to be touched.

Joanne makes her own latex moulds cast from natural objects such as pumpkins and river stones or designs her own.

She favours simple shapes, which, grouped together, take on a new significance and strength.