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House of Paloma is more than just a clothing brand, it is truly an authentic extension of its creator.

A place for ideas to flourish, and a creative space to inspire they invite you to join them on their journey of a more considered, slower and thoughtful way of life. 

Because it is well-made sustainable garments of the highest quality along with our growing collection of divine ethically sourced accessories.

We invite you to join us on our journey to get lost in the natural world.

A story of a time spent together, slightly slower, longer days, and spent in nature.

Emerging wiser and more connected than ever before, to realise there is pleasure in the pathless woods.

A glorious collection embodying House of Paloma’s naturalist aesthetic featuring an abundance of earthy tones.

Fruthermore the rustic textures a curated selection of cosidered designs with the intent to be timeless.

With effortless versatiity and as always harmonious for any hemisphere.