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A stylish young brand that is swiftly making its mark on Australian women’s fashion.

Contemporary femininity, with elevated every day clothing that’s effortlessly adaptable and at the forefront of style.

Stylish conscious and savvy at an accessible level, the brand is founded on stylish must haves.

Because of unexpected details they provide a unique interpretation of seasonal trends.

Dedicated to delivering premium fabrics, cut to perfection for the woman who will wear it.

A leader not a follower, the IMONNI muse curates her life with style as a central force – from her coffee choice to her career path and travel destinations. She collects friends with ease, with people drawn to her cool confidence.
Immoni women, you’ll find her gracing hidden laneways, brightening up the office, at the park or travelling the world in style.
She knows the best new places to go and always has a witty line to offer.