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Candle Kiosk Textured Pillar Candle Grey

These big textured pillar candles are hand-poured at low temperature to create a striking, rock-like texture. This raw texture is a natural effect of the cold-pour process, and as a result each candle has its own unique style.  Fragrance Free.

These large textured column candles are finished with a 100% natural, cotton wick for a clean & calm burn. Smoke-free, drip-free and poured from the finest wax. Candle Kiosk is an Australian candle company based in Avalon Beach.

They specialise in quality designer candles in a minimalist style: modern candles with an edge. They design candles as objects, not scent. Created from the bottom up, our candles stand steady, won’t smoke and don’t drip. Designed for a clean, slow burn that lasts longer and burns all the way down. All candles are fragrance free, hand-poured from refined wax and finished with a 100% natural cotton wick so they are non-toxic, biodegradable and lead-free.