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Corrynnes Lavender Patchouli Rose Geranium Soap

This popular blend of oils seems to please every nose. Lavender oil is suitable for all skin types. Lavender is like nature’s own medicine chest, as it has so many benefits. It soothes burns and insect bites, relieves headaches and has antiseptic qualities.  Patchouli oil is suitable for all skin types and is used to treat eczema and dermatitis. With its earthy smell, patchouli is calming and eases anxiety. Rose Geranium reduces inflammation, lowers stress levels, strengthen the immune system.  Peru Balsam reduces inflammation, speeds wound healing, protect the respiratory system & improve the health of the skin.

Corrynnes Natural Soap are a Western Australian company who have been hand making natural soap and body products for over twenty years.

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