$ 34.95

Snuggle Hunny Baby Milestone Cards

IN THIS BOXED SET:  Tips for taking great announcement photos :  *I’m here / hello world.  * Introducing… (date, time, weight, length)  *One week old (1, 2 & 3 weeks old)  *One month old (1-11 months old)   *One year old   *Today I smiled for the first time.  *I slept through the night.  *Yum! I’m eating solid food.  *My first tooth (date).  *I crawled today.  *Watch out I’m walking now!   *My first word is… (date).  *My first Christmas.  Cards are 14cm in diameter.  If your style is a more spontaneous kind, you get the option to use both sides on different occasions. Snuggle Hunny Kids’ Baby Milestone Cards make it super easy to capture and record your baby’s ‘firsts’ in photographs that you can share with family, friends, on your socials and print to fill your baby’s ‘first year’ photo album. These cards help you celebrate and share their growing story, and act as a memory prompt, helping that moment to be cherished for years to come.