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Sohum Tropicales Citrine Yuzu Candle

Citrine Yuzu features Flowering Japanese Yuzu with soothing Green Aloe and zesty Citrus Leaves. Refreshing and invigorating with soft floral overtones in a proprietary soy based wax.

Sohum wood wick candles are an alternative to cotton wicked candles, for a clean burn and vivid fragrance. The organic cedar wick makes a soothing crackling sound reminiscent of an open fire. A truly beautiful flame, mingled with our propriety creamy botanical wax blend make this candle a true eco delight for the candle connoisseur.

To care for your wood wick candle, simply trim the wick prior to each burn, simply by snapping the burnt out wick, leaving a remaining wick length of approx. 3mm.

Burn Time | Approximately 80 hours

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Out of stock

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