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Solitude Body Mind Bath Minerals Invigorate

An indulgent, purifying bath experience for both body and mind. All natural mineral salts and French clay are uniquely combined with a delicate, uplifting blend of lemon, sandalwood and frankincense to gently cleanse and rejuvenate the body. To use – Run a warm bath and with a positive intention in mind shake the contents and pour a large handful over the water, mixing until dissolved. Within you’ll find your gratitude fortune, relax into the bath and reflect over these positive thoughts. Enjoy 10-20 minutes of pure solitude, relaxation and rejuvenation of both your body and mind. Once enjoyed remove flowers before emptying your bath. Ingredients – Epsom salts, french yellow clay, himalayan crystal salts, essential oils – sandalwood, *frankincense, *lemon, petitgrain, *german chamomile; and *dried chamomile flowers. *Certified organic.  Size – Small jar gifts 1-2 baths (7.5cm diameter x 9.5cm high).  Large jar gifts 3 – 4 baths (10cm diameter x 12cm high) Packaged in a glass jar with sealed natural timber lid. We care for Mother Earth, when finished please reuse this beautiful container around the house.

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