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Bopo Women think the beauty industry needs a facelift of the structural variety.

That’s why they are here to infiltrate with messages of body love & empowerment.

Rather than encouraging you to see your body as a problem to be fixed.

Because it’s time for a new kind of beauty.

They believe self-care starts with daily rituals.

Taking time for ourselves amidst the madness of modern life is vital to our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Because they want skincare to help you create meaningful self-care rituals and carve out space for yourself everyday.

Designed with one intention; to deeply nourish skin, while also helping women to reconnect with themselves.

Constantly discovering exotic, luxurious, skin-loving ingredients from all over the world that enhance self-care.

The products are infused with essential oils and feature these carefully sourced natural superheroines.

Furthermore they are free from toxins, parabens, SLS, TEA, DEA & cheap fillers.