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Take two Melbourne locals, a dimly lit bar on Flinders Lane and a shared frustration with the current state of men’s skincare.

Consequently you have the makings of Australian skincare label, Charles + Lee.

With a mission to bridge the gap between women’s spin off ranges and ridiculously priced niche brands.

Charles + Lee set out to give men the tools they need to keep their skincare neat.

So they won’t tell you their products contain rare minerals that have been harvested by the light of a full moon.

They won’t tell you their products contain smoked wood chips sourced from an ultra manly lumberjack who wears flannelette and fights bears.

Because what they will tell you is that their products are effective, affordable and they look great.  

As a result fancy marketing jargon out and natural and organic ingredients in.  

Made In Melbourne, cruelty free, and proudly RSPO certified.