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After 25 years of owning one of Australia’s very first perfumeries.

Kleins Perfumery is a Fitzroy institution. Since 1993 the small store has housed an extensive collection of fragrances and other products.

The luxury beauty hub stocks more than 80 different brands, sourced locally and internationally.

Its range is vast, varying between niche international brands such as Nasomatto from the Netherlands, to Aesop skincare products, to its own collection of soaps and creams.

Kleins founder Andrea Birnie decided it was time to create an iconic brand of her own.

In addition Kleins was responsible for many firsts and using Rennie’s

pictures on bath and body care was met with great enthusiasm.

Because his photography explored a myriad of subcultures, documenting intriguing

characters and a different time in history.

Similarly Kleins are one of the most loved stores in Melbourne home of some of the most delectable scents.