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Ovae Australia, Australian owned luxe leather and accessories label that blends style with conscience.

Sourcing the best quality sustainable leather renowned for its incredible softness and hand-feel.

The product appeals to the woman who understands it’s this attention to detail that makes all the difference when it comes to style and being timelessly stylish.

Ovae carefully crafts pieces that are timeless and classic, thry don’t buy in to the ‘fast fashion’ movement.

Because they allow their skilled artisans to influence the finished designs making each piece unique in its own subtle way.

Committed to empowering their artisans by keeping their processes transparent.

Their philosophies are open and engaging in only the most ethical practices.

Above all they are proud to be involved in the ‘Slow Fashion Movement’, prioritising quality and longevity through all their creations.

These are the core values of Ovae and the individuals who work with them.