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Kryolan High Definition Smoothing Foundation.   High definition television has revolutionised watching TV, providing contours that are much sharper, colours that are richer and deeper presented in much greater detail. This provides a great challenge for the makeup artist as the HD-TV camera is merciless in showing every flaw in the skin and excess makeup application. Kryolan is pleased to present a solution to this problem by introducing their range of High Definition makeup. Using specially formulated, barely detectable, micronised pigments Kryolan’s HD range is ultra thin on the skin allowing the complexion to appear absolutely smooth, regular and radiant. Come to think of it, isn’t that what we are all looking for in a foundation? Something flawless, sheer, natural and micro-fine. Use what the stars are using and join the revolution, try HD range now! With an anti-aging complex and UV protection it is especially designed to achieve a smooth natural look. Creates a flawless look without settling in lines & wrinkles. * While all efforts have been made to represent colours accurately, there may be some variations between the colours shown and the actual product.

Size | 30 ml

Product code | 19130


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